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divine intervention

Photography by Serichai Traipoom

I like art that challenges you and makes a lot of people angry because they don't get it. Because they refuse to look at it properly. Rather than open their mind to the possibility of seeing something, they just resist. A lot of people think contemporary art makes them feel stupid. Because they are stupid. They're right. If you have contempt about contemporary art, you are stupid. You can be the most uneducated person in the world and completely appreciate contemporary art, because you see the rebellion. You see that it's trying to change things. 

- John Waters

gastr-hole obscura

Photography by Sara arno

"A hole is a hole." 


The connotations of pleasure can involve shame, secrecy, and taboo while at the same time relieving the need for comfort. These photos capture glimpses of some of my favorite comfort foods that have been deemed exotic, or even greasy, stinky, dirty.


This effect was created with a photo technique called "light painting" where the whole set was shot in complete darkness and a light was quickly flashed across the scene while the shutter speed was slowed down.  This series is inspired after a lunch with designer Rick Owens who taught me the meaning of "slurp ramp."

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